JanJan Klečka

I have a wide ranging interest in mechanisms structuring ecological communities and driving their dynamics. I focus mostly on species interactions, especially plant-pollinator and predator-prey interactions. I take an integrative approach combining field observations, experiments in the lab and in the field, molecular genetic data and simulation models. Curriculum vitae, ResearchGate, Google Scholar.

Pavla_DudovaPavla Dudová (PhD student)

Pavla is working on laboratory experiments on individual-level foraging behaviour. Her previous research focused on predation and plasticity of aquatic insects, but she is currently working mostly with spiders. She is co-supervised by Vlastimil Křivan. ResearchGate.

Paolo_webPaolo Biella (PhD student)

Paolo has been trying to better understand mechanisms driving the structure of plant-pollinator networks. He is especially enthusiastic about bumblebees and has been working on their habitat requirements and biogeography. He is co-supervised by Štěpán Janeček. Curriculum vitae, ResearchGate.

Jiri_Hadrava2Jiří Hadrava (PhD student)

Jirka is working on plant-pollinator interactions with the aim to combine network and phylogenetic approaches to better understand the evolution of plant-pollinator network structure. He is also a specialists on syrphid flies. He is co-supervised by Jakub Straka and Petr Janšta, Charles University in Prague. Curriculum vitae, ResearchGate.

Asma AkterAsma Akter (PhD student)

Asma is working on plant-pollinator interactions. Plant biologist by training, her previous research focused on interactions of plants and their enemies. She is interested in the responses of plant-pollinator networks to various environmental changes. Co-supervised by Štěpán Janeček. Curriculum vitae, ResearchGate.

Pavla Koloušková (research assistant)

Pavla is responsible for all the little things that are necessary for the lab to function smoothly. She is also in charge of collecting genetic data for our project focused on coevolution of plants and flower-visiting insects.

Haq Abdul Shaik (research assistant, part-time)
Dagmar Hucková (research assistant, part-time)

Dáša and Haq are working on genetic analyses of insect samples, including genetic barcoding, molecular gut content analyses, etc.

Past lab members

IfotoIrena Klečková (Slámová) (Researcher)

Irena, a co-founder of our lab, has been working mostly on ecology and evolution of butterflies and their adaptations to varying environmental conditions. She is now working as a study director in the Czech office of i2L Research. Curriculum vitae, ResearchGate, Google Scholar.