Two new grants starting in 2017

The grant which financed our work for three years in 2014-2016 expired a few weeks ago. However, we were successful with two grant applications for projects continuing and significantly expanding our current research. So, we are happy that we can build on what our little group has started over the past few years.

The first grant is a Junior grant provided by the Czech Science Foundation for a project called  “Networks of plants, pollinators, and thieves: from individual-level interactions to community-level coevolutionary trends”. The duration of the project is three years; i.e. until the end of 2019.

The second project called “Applications of DNA barcoding for research on important popllinators” is funded by an internal grant awarded by the Czech Academy of Sciences under the program Strategy AV21: Diversity of life and health of ecosystems. This is a smaller project which should be completed until the end of 2017.



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