We are now Laboratory of Integrative Ecology

We have been recently officially upgraded to an independent group at the Institute of Entomology. So, we are now Laboratory of Integrative Ecology! It feels good:-) The only downside is that the Czech name of our lab is weird; there is no good Czech equivalent to “integrative”. Btw., we are not officially called “Klecka lab” because naming labs after the person in charge is not common in our country. We like to think that we are an open-minded and also family friendly lab. Our group is 50% males, 50% females; not counting the swarm of little boys. We are 66.6% Czech, 33.3% foreigners; 83.3% of us are Europeans. Well, maybe I should mention that we are doing fieldwork, experiments and a little bit of modelling to learn something about the processes structuring communities of interacting species. We are looking forward to all the exciting work we will be doing together in 2016!



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